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Microsoft's line of Flight Simulation products continue to be some of the best-selling entertainment titles in the history of PC gaming. One reason for this longevity is the wealth of third-party enhancement products. With the advent of early utilities like Aircraft and Scenery Designer and Flight Shop it became possible to expand Flight Simulator beyond what shipped in the box. The flight sim community eagerly grabbed these tools and soon began to create many addons. These user-designed addons are quite abundant today and this will not change in the foreseeable future.

However, all was not fine in addon land. It is not easy to get these addons to work correctly with Flight Simulator. Moreover, managing numerous addons while keeping Flight Simulator in optimal working order is a chore. Enter Addit! Pro. Addit! Pro is a utility designed to make installing, removing and manage user-designed addons easy, fast and reliable. Addit! Pro meets the need for a comprehensive application you can use to bring a wealth of third-party aircraft, panels, scenery and other addons into Flight Simulator.

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News Briefs

Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator X V7.3.6 is available for download!

New featured addon: Piper Cheroke Arrow III Turbo

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Featured Addon

Our featured add-on this month is Piper Cheroke Arrow III Turbo



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