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Addit! Pro For Combat Flight Simulator 2


Addon Installation

Addon Installation Wizard guides you through the installation process. Install from a zip file or from a folder.
Handles all types of addon files: aircraft, campaigns, missions, panels, scenery, sounds, textures, videos and more.
Easily import existing addons.
Automatically convert addons designed for other versions of Flight Simulator.
Install scenery to Combat Flight Simulator 2's global scenery folder or to custom folders. Addit! Pro can even automatically update Combat Flight Simulator 2's scenery library!
Work with addons in folders or zip files. Even zip files within zip files are no problem for Addit! Pro.
Assign pictures to aircraft and panels, and preview sounds.
Install directly to Combat Flight Simulator 2 or to Addit! Pro's File Cabinet.

Addon Removal

Addon Removal Wizard guides you through the removal process.
Several removal options: delete an addon, move it to Addit! Pro's File Cabinet or recreate it in a folder. You can even recreate addons in zip files!
Addons placed in the File Cabinet can be reinstalled or deleted at any time.
Remove an entire addon, a group of addons, or only selected files.
Scenery can be automatically removed from Combat Flight Simulator 2's scenery library.
Prevent removal of files used by other addons.

Modify Aircraft, Panels and Sounds

Edit all of Combat Flight Simulator 2's aircraft, panels and sounds!
Quickly change any aircraft's panel or sound.
Easily access configuration files.
Assign pictures to aircraft and panels.
Identify configuration problems.


Addon Wizard gets you going quickly.
Very easy to use. Context sensitive help is always available.
Toolbar with ToolTips and captions.
Highly customizable!
Context menus for fast access to functions.
Work with several functions simultaneously.

Addit! Pro is constantly being updated with new features.  See the Revision History for details.


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