Addon Managers For Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D, and X-Plane 11

Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator 2004

Addit! Pro Version 6.8.7 Upgrade Notes

What's new in this version?

For a complete list of additions and changes please see Revision History.

Should I do anything before I upgrade?

Even though you will not lose any settings or addons during the upgrade process, you might want to backup your current installation. Visit the support area for detailed backup instructions.

How do I get this version?

Download the installation package from the download page.

How do I install this version?

1. Download (29.7 MB).
2. Create an installation folder on your hard drive. For example, C:\APFS2004.
3. Use an unzipping utility to unzip to that installation folder.
4. Go to the installation folder and run Setup.exe.
5. Follow Setup's instructions to complete the installation.

If you are updating an existing copy of Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator 2004, Setup may offer to upgrade you automatically. If, however, Setup does not find your current installation of Addit! Pro, please install this release to the same folder as your existing copy.

Will installing this version affect any other versions of Addit! Pro?

No. Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator 2004 is a standalone program and will not affect other versions such as Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator 2002.

I have a previous version of Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator 2004 installed. Can Setup upgrade it?

Yes. If Setup offers to Repair (upgrade) your current installation, choose "Repair Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator 2004" to upgrade. Or, if Setup prompts you for an installation folder you must specify your existing Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator 2004 folder.

What should I do if I run into trouble installing Addit! Pro?

The Readme.htm file includes a troubleshooting section. In addition, the Support FAQ may have your answer. You can also contact us.

After upgrading will I need a new unlocking number?

No. Your registration status will be retained and your existing unlocking information will still work. If you run into any trouble please contact us.