Addon Managers For
Flight Simulator X
and Prepar3D

Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator X

Where is my Product ID? I can't find it.

Main Method

Your Addit! Pro Product ID number is shown on Addit! Pro's Program Information screen.

First, make sure you have downloaded and installed Addit! Pro. Next, start the program to generate your Product ID number. After Addit! Pro loads, accept the license terms then go to the menu bar near the top of the Addit! Pro window.

The menu bar presents several options:
File | Options | Addons | Tools | Window | Help

Click once on the File menu item. After clicking on File you will see these choices:

Install an Addon...
Remove an Addon...
Import Addons...
Browse Folders...
Program Info...

Click once on the Program Info... menu item. The Program Information screen appears. The first section at the top called "Addit! Pro" includes your Product ID number, among other things.

You can copy the Product ID number from this window. Simply highlight it and press CONTROL-C.

Alternate Method

Your Product ID is also listed on Addit! Pro's About screen. To display it, start the program, pull down the Help menu then select About.