Addon Managers For
Flight Simulator X
and Prepar3D

Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator X

Some parts of Addit! Pro screens seem to be cut off when using the default Windows XP theme. Can this be fixed?

Some parts of Addit! Pro screens may be cut off under the default Windows XP theme. You can solve this problem by making a small change to two display properties. Here's how:
1.  Go into the Windows Control Panel and open the Display properties window.
2.  Under the Appearance tab of the Display properties window, click the Advanced button.
3.  On the Advanced Appearance window, use the drop down Item box to move to the Active Title Bar item. By default the title bar size is 25 and the font, Trebuchet MS, is 10 points.
4.  Change the title bar size to the lowest value, 20. This may not be enough to correct the display problem so you may also need to downsize the font size to 8 points.
5.  Press OK to accept your changes and leave the Display properties dialog.

After performing these steps Addit! Pro (and other Microsoft Visual Basic application) screens should appear as designed.