Addon Managers For
Flight Simulator X
and Prepar3D

Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator X

I get the error 'unrecognized database format' when I use Addit! Pro.

Something has damaged Addit! Pro's database or the program is having trouble finding the database file 'Additpro.mdb'.

Make sure the database exists

First, ensure 'Additpro.mdb' exists in your main Addit! Pro program folder. If it is not there, reinstall Addit! Pro.

Back up the database exists

Make a copy of 'Additpro.mdb' someplace else, just in case the next steps cause more problems than they solve.

Close Addit! Pro then delete any Additpro.ldb file

Close Addit! Pro if it is running. If the corresponding 'Additpro.ldb' lock file exists in your main Addit! Pro program folder, delete it. Warning: the lock file has an extension of ldb. Do not accidentally delete the main database contained in the mdb file by mistake.

Use Addit! Pro to optimize the database

Next, try optimizing the database. Start Addit! Pro, pull down the Tools menu then select Optimize. This process compacts the database and fixes most errors. Be sure to allow the process to complete (it may take a while).