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Flight Simulator X
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Addit! Pro For Prepar3D

I installed an aircraft but it does not appear in Prepar3D.

There are a few reasons why an aircraft you install may not appear in Prepar3D:

The aircraft addon was not installed properly
Try reinstalling the addon only this time accept as many default values as possible -- Addit! Pro usually knows what's best.

The addon was installed to the File Cabinet
Did you install the aircraft into Addit! Pro's File Cabinet? If so, it won't appear in the Edit Aircraft display or in Prepar3D. Be sure to install the addon directly to Prepar3D.

The aircraft is hidden
Use Edit Aircraft, position to the aircraft, right click and select Show (if the Show option is disabled, the aircraft is already visible).

Missing or incorrect configuration file
For example, if in the aircraft configuration file (AIRCRAFT.CFG) the "texture=" points to a folder that doesn't exist, the aircraft will not appear in the simulator's plane list. See Using Addit! Pro's Edit Aircraft Window to Troubleshoot Problems, below.

You installed a texture/skin/repaint and not a full aircraft
Repaint installs are applied to existing full aircraft and will not operate on their own since they only include artwork and not a real plane. Locate the full aircraft and install it first before the texture addon.

Other aircraft managers causing conflict
Are you using any other aircraft manager programs? They can sometimes create conflicts with Addit! Pro, especially those that attempt to "hide" aircraft and panels in an effort to make Prepar3D load quicker.

Using Addit! Pro's Edit Aircraft Window to Troubleshoot Problems

Check the aircraft's integrity by using Addit! Pro's Edit Aircraft function. Position to the aircraft in question. See if any errors are detected and if so look at the configuration report. Most errors that prevent an aircraft from appearing are identified here.