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How to Install an Aircraft Addon

This topic demonstrates how to add an aircraft addon to Prepar3D using Addit! Pro For Prepar3D by working step-by-step through the installation of an actual, downloadable aircraft addon. This complete walkthrough teaches you how to install an aircraft to a folder of your choice, assign aircraft and panel pictures, configure installation options, review reports and verify the results.


Our aircraft addon is called Airbus A319-111 Northwest Airlines by Andy Warden, Derek Mayer, Demetris Themistocleou, Alessandro Savarese, Tom Collins, and Peter Binamira.

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Step 1: Start Addit! Pro

Begin by opening Addit! Pro. Click the Install button:

Step 2: Open the Addon Installation Wizard

When the Addon Installation Wizard window appears, press Select Addon Files:

Step 3: Select Addon Files

When the Select Addon Files window appears, locate the file you downloaded above. Select only the file. Make sure all of the files inside the zip file are selected in the Zip File list, as shown below. Press OK:

Step 4: Addon Installation Wizard Revisited

Back on the Addon Installation Wizard window, all colored status indicators are either green or yellow so you could press Finish at this point and install the addon using the default configuration. Instead, we will tweak the configuration to demonstrate how you can customize the installation process. Press Configure Aircraft:

Step 5: Configuring the Aircraft

On the Configure Aircraft window, click the small Quick Picks button as shown below to bring up a list of potential installation folders. The item Pa-a310-111 works just fine so pick that one. Press Yes when asked about applying your selection to all aircraft. You do not have to use a Quick Picks folder. To make a new folder for the aircraft, click Change Folder instead. To tweak just the category, press Change Category. Press Next to continue:

Step 6: Select Aircraft Pictures

Select a picture to represent the aircraft variant "Airbus A319-111 Northwest Airlines". With this addon, a picture is pre-selected for you, so you can keep it or pick a different picture. Next, click the tab "Airbus A319-111 Northwest Airlines OC" and also select a picture for that variant.

Keep in mind you can always assign (or reassign) a picture later on using the Edit Aircraft window. Press OK to continue:

Step 7: Addon Installation Wizard Revisited

Back on the Addon Installation Wizard window, press Configure Panel:

Step 8: Configuring the Panel

On the Configure Panel window, where it says "Install the panel files for 'Panel 1' to", keep the default value "The folders determined by Addit! Pro". Press Next:

Step 9: Select a Panel Picture

On the Configure Panel window,press Set Picture and select a picture to represent the panel. Press OK:

Step 10: Addon Installation Wizard Revisited

Back on the Addon Installation Wizard window, we will accept the defaults for the Sound and Other steps, skipping past them. The step indicators are yellow, so the default values should work just fine. Press Installation Options:

Step 11: Setting Installation Options

On the Set Installation Options window, enter an addon name. The Quick Picks button to the right provides a handy list of possible names. Optionally, identify the authors and provide a description as shown below. Press OK:

Step 12: Review the Installation Summary

Back on the Addon Installation Wizard window, press Installation Summary:

Tip: maximize this window to see as much information as possible. Everything looks to be in order. Press OK:

Step 13: Install the Addon

On the Addon Installation Wizard window, press Finish to complete the installation:

Step 14: Verify the Aircraft

Use Addit! Pro's Edit Aircraft window to verify the new aircraft. Press the Edit Aircraft button on Addit! Pro's button bar. When the Edit Aircraft window appears, position to Airbus A319-111 Northwest Airlines. Click the Report tab. Everything looks great:

Step 16: Take Her for a Spin!

Finally, start Prepar3D and select your new Airbus A319-111 Northwest Airlines aircraft and enjoy!

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