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How to Install a Mission Addon

This topic demonstrates how to add a mission addon to Prepar3D using Addit! Pro For Prepar3D by working step-by-step through the installation of an actual, downloadable mission. This short walkthrough shows you how to install a mission in a few simple steps.


Our panel addon is called El Paso Run by Brian Lessing.

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Step 1: Start Addit! Pro

Begin by opening Addit! Pro. Click the Install button:

Step 2: Open the Addon Installation Wizard

When the Addon Installation Wizard window appears, press Select Addon Files:

Step 3: Select Addon Files

When the Select Addon Files window appears, locate the file you downloaded above. Select only the file. Make sure all of the files inside the zip file are selected in the Zip File list, as shown below. Press OK:

Step 4: Install the Addon

Back on the Addon Installation Wizard window, all colored indicators are either green or yellow so it is safe to press Finish. Doing so will install the addon using the default configuration. However, we will adjust the mission configuration to show you how it is done. Press Configure Mission.

Step 5: Change the Installation Method

This addon contains one mission so there is only one tab representing it, called "Mission Group 1". Under "Install the mission files to", select the option "An existing or new mission folder". Press Next.

Step 6: Change the Category and Mission Folder

On the Set Installation Folder window, press Change Category. A pop-up appears listing some categories. Pick "Emergency" and note the category changed for all mission files. Press OK to accept these changes.

Step 7: Set Installation Options

Back on the main Addon Installation Wizard window, press Installation Options. Enter the details as shown below. Press OK.

Step 8: Install the Mission

Press Finish back on the Addon Installation Wizard screen to complete the installation.

Step 8: Take Her for a Spin!

Finally, start Prepar3D and select the "El Paso Run" mission and enjoy!

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