Addon Managers For Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D, and X-Plane 11

Addit! Pro For X-Plane 11


Addon Installation
  • Addon Installation Wizard guides you through the installation process.
  • Install from a zip, rar or 7-zip file or from a folder. Even zip files within zip files are no problem for Addit! Pro.
  • Install aircraft, liveries, scenery, libraries for scenery, plugins, flight plans, sounds, textures, videos and more!
  • Most addons install in just a few clicks. You can even right click on an archive file in Windows Explorer and pick "Install to X-Plane 11 Using Addit! Pro" for ultra fast results.
  • Easily apply new liveries (repaints) to existing aircraft. Addit! Pro finds your base aircraft for you, saving you time.
  • Import existing addons with a variety of options.
  • Quickly install scenery to a custom folder and automatically update X-Plane's scenery library (scenery_packs.ini).
  • Automatically assign pictures to aircraft, panels and scenery!
  • Avoid installing useless macosx files, thumbnail browser files, and other space-wasting files.
  • Quick Picks provides smart installation folder names, saving you time and effort.
  • Preview audio and image files from inside Addit! Pro.
  • Install popular libraries for scenery such as 3D People Library, Handy Objects library, MisterX Library, NAPS Library, SAM Scenery Animation Manager and many more!
  • Addon History logs every addon you install, storing their names, descriptions, source locations, your personal rating and more.
  • Install addons directly to X-Plane 11 or to Addit! Pro's File Cabinet.
  • Optionally record a description, author's name and assign a rating to the addon.

Addon Removal
  • Addon Removal Wizard guides you through the removal process or you can use the handy Work With Addons.
  • Prevents removal of files used by other addons.
  • Fast uninstall process makes rolling back an installation a breeze.
  • Several removal options: delete an addon, move it to Addit! Pro's File Cabinet or recreate it in a folder or in a zip file!
  • Copy addons directly into zip files to share with friends.
  • Addons placed in Addit! Pro's File Cabinet can be reinstalled or deleted at any time.
  • Remove an entire addon, a group of addons or only selected files.
  • Scenery can be automatically removed from X-Plane's scenery library.

Manage Aircraft
  • Robust aircraft editing features allow you to manage your entire fleet of aircraft.
  • Quickly hide aircraft to streamline X-Plane's in-game aircraft list!
  • View and modify configuration information and aircraft details.
  • Directly edit categories such as airliner, cargo, etc. and edit description, notes, name, author, call-sign, tail number, and more.
  • Search for aircraft by various criteria and filter out aircraft you do not wish to see.
  • Easily merge a livery (repaint) addon into its base aircraft.
  • Create and print an aircraft fleet report.
  • Easily open and edit configuration files.
  • Choose a flat list view to show all available aircraft or use a tree view that hides other manufacturers until you reveal them.
  • Opt to show all liveries or just your base aircraft.
  • Assign pictures to aircraft and panels.
  • Identify configuration problems.

Manage Scenery
  • Full-featured scenery library editor!
  • View scenery areas by title, priority and creation date.
  • Quickly activate or deactivate areas by simply checking a box.
  • Rearrange scenery layers, set priorities, and manage entries.
  • Assign pictures to scenery.
  • Create and print a scenery area report.
  • Import scenery from X-Plane's scenery library to Addit! Pro.
  • Move and rename scenery folders.
  • Open other scenery configuration files, make backups and restore from existing backup files.
  • Verify scenery integrity and look for missing scenery files.
  • Search for scenery by name, priority or creation date.

Other Features and Highlights
  • Addon Wizard gets you going quickly and acts as a central hub for all major features.
  • Very easy to use and context sensitive help is always available by pressing F1.
  • Change startup options, modify the program's appearance, tweak installation and removal behavior and more.
  • Highly customizable! Tailor the software to your needs with adjustable Toolbar with submenus, ToolTips and captions.
  • Flip bars help you search for items and filter them.
  • Well organized help system with a user's guide, screen reference, glossary, helpful tips and a troubleshooting section.
  • Context menus for fast access to functions as well as keyboard shortcuts.
  • Benefit from multiple X-Plane program configuration files using the XPL Configuration Manager.
  • Work with several functions simultaneously.
  • Produce many reports.
  • Supports zip, rar and 7-zip archive file formats.
  • Online walkthroughs teach you how to use Addit! Pro using real addons.

Satisfied Customers
"I can best describe Addit! Pro in one word: Outtasight!"
"Just a short note to say that your program is great. It makes installations so much easier and correcting configuration issues is a snap."
"Thanks for a great product and for helping me give Dad something he's always wanted...the gift of flight."
"I've been using it for years and find it an invaluable tool which I recommend to all my friends that use Microsoft Flight Simulator."
"I have had Addit Pro for several months. This is is the best software that I have bought for FSX."
"This is an amazing program that makes life much easier for all of us FSX flight simmers!"