Addon Managers For Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D, and X-Plane 11

Addit! Pro For X-Plane 11


Addit! Pro For X-Plane 11 gives you the power to fully manage all of your X-Plane 11 addons. Quickly and easily install new addons and safely remove existing addons. The program handles aircraft, liveries, scenery, libraries for scenery, plugins, flight plans, sounds, textures, videos and more! Archive addons to Addit! Pro's File Cabinet or recreate them in zip files.

When you install scenery, Addit! Pro can automatically update and arrange X-Plane's scenery library (scenery_packs.ini). A full-featured scenery library editor provides an easy way to adjust load orders so your scenery appears exactly how you want it.

Assign pictures to your aircraft, panels and scenery. Identify conflicts and configuration issues before they cause problems.

The Addon Wizard appears when you first start the program. The Addon Wizard lists all of Addit! Pro's core functions and provides a detailed description of each of them. Help is always available should you need it.

The Addon Installation Wizard makes installing addons a breeze. The Wizard allows you to quickly locate the zip, rar, or 7-zip file you want to install. It handles the tedious and time-consuming task of installing files to their proper locations and configuring X-Plane. Conflicts and problems are identified before they cause trouble. You will know if any files will be overwritten and may defer the overwrite or accept it. Addit! Pro keeps track of older files, restoring them later as necessary to ensure the integrity of other addons.

You can import aircraft and liveries, flight plans, plugins, scenery, libraries and textures. Scenery can be easily installed to custom folders and Addit! Pro can update X-Plane's scenery library. You will always have total control over your scenery library with the robust scenery library editor.

Addons are easily managed with Addit! Pro. Rename addons, enter optional descriptions, record the authors and even rate your addons. Examine addon files in detail, review documentation, and view image files using a convenient central interface. You can move addons to Addit! Pro's File Cabinet for safe keeping, recreate them in folders or zip files, or delete them. Removing addons is safe because Addit! Pro knows if other addons depend on the files being removed.

The Edit Aircraft window gives you the power to quickly change an aircraft's configuration. Assign pictures to aircraft and panels. View all liveries or just your base aircraft. Quickly open configuration files. Hide aircraft to shorten X-Plane's in-game aircraft list. Addit! Pro identifies configuration file errors and can generate a report explaining the problems. Powerful filtering methods allow you to work with only the addons you wish to see.

The Addon History shows a log of every addon you import or install over time. Details like archive filename, size, author list, rating and addon description are saved in the History. Use the Addon History window to see if you have previously installed an addon, look for an addon removed on a specific date, search for an old addon's zip filename and more!

Use the XPL Configuration Manager to perform a variety of tasks on X-Plane's main program configuration file. Set up one custom configuration environment to optimize performance for certain scenery, another for helicopters, and another for VR settings. Switch among them with ease.

The program is very customizable and it remembers your preferences. Sort lists by any column, show icons and quickly access files. Most lists are searchable by name or date and you can even create printable reports. You can also automatically optimize Addit! Pro's database, select a start-up window, choose colors and more. Context menus are available for just about everything so when in doubt, right-click!

Addit! Pro allows you to work with several windows simultaneously. While installing an aircraft addon you can also be examining your addon history and browsing folders. Windows can be resized and repositioned and the program remembers their configuration for next time. The Toolbar is customizable with ToolTips and captions.

With Addit! Pro you will never have to do it the "other" way again!

How Does it Work?

Say you just downloaded an aircraft addon and you want to use it with X-Plane 11. Just start Addit! Pro, open the Addon Installation Wizard and select the zip file. Addit! Pro analyzes the addon to determine the best installation. Tweak the settings if you wish then press Finish. Your addon is installed and you can use it immediately. It's really that simple!

Managing the addons you install is equally painless. Quickly delete addons, move those you are not using to Addit! Pro's File Cabinet, and even recreate addons in folders or zip files. The addons you archive are automatically zipped to save disk space.

Use the Edit Aircraft display to quickly modify any aircraft. You can even assign pictures to aircraft and panels. Edit Scenery works the same way for scenery and scenery libraries and you can assign pictures to them as well!

The program is easy to use but if you ever need help, just press F1 or Help.

Satisfied Customers
"I can best describe Addit! Pro in one word: Outtasight!"
"Just a short note to say that your program is great. It makes installations so much easier and correcting configuration issues is a snap."
"Thanks for a great product and for helping me give Dad something he's always wanted...the gift of flight."
"I've been using it for years and find it an invaluable tool which I recommend to all my friends that use Microsoft Flight Simulator."
"I have had Addit Pro for several months. This is is the best software that I have bought for FSX."
"This is an amazing program that makes life much easier for all of us FSX flight simmers!"